It’s “Fuh” not “Pho”!

Fûhn is a unique Vietnamese Pho restaurant that is inspired by the North American culture located in Hong Kong.

Our restaurant name Fûhn (pronounced as ‘fun’), is inspired by the pronunciation of Phở which is pronounced as ‘fuh’.
The addition of the ‘n’ at the end of Fûhn also makes it a wordplay to the word ‘noodle’ (粉) in Cantonese. The accent above the ‘u’ is in fact not an accent, but is to represent a traditional Vietnamese bamboo hat.


Fûhn X GRANDER® Technology

Water is a key ingredient in cooking. At Fûhn, we want to offer you a first class tasting experience, and ensure that every drop of water is pure, clean and soft. From the making of our broths to every drink and beverage, every drop of water used at Fûhn is treated via 4 different levels of water purification and filtration.

At Fûhn, we in particular use a unique form of water purification known as GRANDER® Technology – a water technology brand from Austria, known for its exceptional quality for drinking water.