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Fûhn is a unique Vietnamese Pho restaurant that is inspired by the North American culture located in Hong Kong.

Our restaurant name Fûhn (pronounced as ‘fun’), is inspired by the pronunciation of Phở which is pronounced as ‘fuh’.
The addition of the ‘n’ at the end of Fûhn also makes it a wordplay to the word ‘noodle’ (粉) in Cantonese. The accent above the ‘u’ is in fact not an accent, but is to represent a traditional Vietnamese bamboo hat.


Fûhn X GRANDER® Technology

Water is a key ingredient in cooking. At Fûhn, we want to offer you a first class tasting experience, and ensure that every drop of water is pure, clean and soft. From the making of our broths to every drink and beverage, every drop of water used at Fûhn is treated via 4 different levels of water purification and filtration.

At Fûhn, we in particular use a unique form of water purification known as GRANDER® Technology – a water technology brand from Austria, known for its exceptional quality for drinking water.

Why is it named Fûhn?

The name “Fûhn” (pronounced “fun”) was inspired by the pronunciation of the Vietnamese word Pho, which is pronounced “fuh”. The addition of the “n” to make “Fuhn” then makes it a wordplay to the Cantonese word “noodle”. The symbol above the “u” is not an accent, but a depiction of a traditional Vietnamese straw hat.


At Fûhn, we strive to offer you a first-class tasting experience and ensure that every drop of water to produce our broths are pure, clean, and smooth. We use a unique water purification technology called GRANDER which revitalizes the water. It originates from Austria and is known for its exceptional quality for drinking water. In crafting our broth, every drop of water is treated through multiple levels of revitalization, purification, and filtration. Its unique ability to make the water exceptionally smooth aids us in achieving a broth that is textured and flavoured like no other.

100% Authentic Vietnamese

Vietnamese Drip Coffee is a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, it is typically slowly dripped so that each drop is filled with the coffee flavor. Best had with ice and condensed milk, or even just hot.

Authentic pho thin noodle(300g)

Fûhn's authentic pho rice noodles speaks for itself. The founder of Fûhn searched all around the world for the best rice noodle suitable for pho. It turns out, the real name of these noodles are known as "Hu Tieu" which represents flat noodles which has a pleasant and amazing texture that is second to none. Have these noodles in soup or as stir-fry and we bet you will always want seconds.

Bánh Phở (400g)

Bánh Phở is the basic necessity of making a bowl of great pho. However, even when it comes to this rice noodle, there are many types, from the type of rice grain, the type of mixture used to form the rice noodle. This particular Banh Pho is native to Vietnam, known to be of the highest grade of rice grains combined with cassava root, this rice noodle is second to none in texture and flavor. Suitable for traditional pho or great for stir-frying.

Bún Tươi (400g)

Bún Tươi also known as rice vermicelli. In Vietnam, Bun Tuoi is the most popular cold noodles served in many dishes, such as ricepaper, vermicelli noodles, or even in soup noodles.

Hủ Tiếu (400g)

Hủ Tiếu comes from historically based off of Chinese-Vietnamese-Cambodian type of rice noodle. Pronounced as "who teeyoo," it actually translates to rice sticks and was commonly found to go with seafood dishes. In the latter years, this type of rice noodle became well known to represent pho outside of Vietnam due to its ease of cooking. Perfect for soup noodles and stir-frying.